decorative mouldings – CNC foam cutting examples

Mouldings can be very expensive, but now they are very easy to make with your own foam cube. Simply draw a flat image of a moulding’s cross-section and import it into the software.



Let the machine do it’s hotwire cutting while you have a cup of coffee. And once your foam cutting cube is done, simply slide your new mouldings out and separate them.





French lilly – cnc foam examples

We can imagine that by now you are curious to see some products made with the foam cube. While engineering focus was first and foremost on machine design we did create some simple products to test and demonstrate the machine.

The french lilly’s very recognizable shape was imported as a .DXF file into the CNC cube software and then copied front-to-back to make both sides of the machine mirror eachother.

french lilly’s in the foamstyler software


As a matter of testing the machine we decided to put a full pack of styrofoam panels into the machine and turned it on.  The pack was held in place purely by it’s own weight as the hotwire never pulls or pushes on the product.

thick or thin material ... the hotwire sees no difference
thick or thin material … the hotwire sees no difference

As you can see on the pictures this is a very easy way to create a lot of similar products in a very short time. The hotwire is only 0.3 mm. in diameter, and with the correct speedsettings it’s easy to have it make a very narrow kerf and tight corners.