Learn about our CNC Foamcube

We’re happy you came here to learn more about our CNC cube !

Foamcube came to life in 2013 . Since then it developed into a 5-axis computer controlled foam cutter that will allow you to create very complex foam shapes within minutes. It can be used to cut huge letters, wings, tables, chairs, columns, ornaments, stage props, art and more.

The CNC foam cube was invented and developed in-house at Fablab013 (Tilburg – the Netherlands) by Pete Scheepens. On March 25th 2015, the Foamcube project successfully got funded through a kickstarter campaign that went well beyond it’s initial goal. This allowed the Foamcube team to jump-start production and engineering and it has helped to make Foamcube available to everyone worldwide. You can now find Foam cubes on every continent at Universities, tech-shops, museums, High Schools, workshops and in your neighbors garage.

Foamcube is open source where possible and you can build the project from scratch yourself if you want to using our online assembly guide. You can also order pre-built kits directly from this website.If you don’t want to tinker with it, you can also order a custom made pre-built and pre-tested machines per your specifications here.

Our foamcutter is still actively being maintained and developed ! Exciting new features are being added all the time. Check back regularly.

Foamcube V 4.0 – Februari 2017


Foamcube V4.2 May 2017