What can Foamcube do ?

5 axes of freedom

Foamcube is a 4 axes or 5 axes (styro) Foam cutter that can cut complex 3-dimensional shapes out of foam in a few simple steps. It is robust enough to run large commercial productions, while the controls are very intuitive and miles ahead of the alternatives on the market that cost 5 to 10 times as much. It features two independent towers, each with an independent X and Y or U and V axis, combined with a rotation platform or A axis, hence the name X-Y-U-V-A machine.

Many different kinds of materials

Foamcube has an electronically controlled wire and has an extensive speedcontrol and buffering system. Because of this the cube can handle a wide range of foams and other materials that can be cut in a range from 100 to 300 degrees celcius with a razorsharp kerf as narrow as 0,25 mm.  See this post for a list of materials you can cut.

Cut tapered or offset products

Unlike other foamcutters Foamcube has true independent 4 (or 5) axes control. This means the hotwire can be angled automatically in any direction. Software automatically calculates tapers and offsets from simple 2 dimensional drawings – no need to make complicated 3D models or work with exotic design software. The workpiece can rotate on a computer controlled platform during cutting, making for some very intricate shapes.


Make thousands of products for dozens of industries

Because Foamcube is so precise and can cut such complex shapes it is suited for many different products. Below are just a few examples of how people use Foamcube :

  • Furniture making : Large font-like shapes are cut by foamcube in high density foam and then covered with a wooden board to distribute pressure evenly. The structures get coated and are placed in public auditoriums as seating blocks
  • garden ornament casting molds : Ornaments are cut as positive shapes out of large foam blocks. Once the cut shape is pushed out of the block it leaves a negative cavity that can be filled with concrete or other materials.
  • architectural models :
  • large letters , logos and digits :
  • stage decor pieces for concerts and plays :
  • tapered colums and molds for plasterwork :
  • lost mould casting using fire or acetone :
  • be sure to visit our examples in the menu above to see some real-life projects !

In commercial & educational settings

Foamcubes are being shipped worldwide and you can find them on every continent. They are used in commercial businesses for every-day productions, and they are used by many universities around the globe as part of educational or research projects.

Built-in universal GCODE interpreter

Internally Foamcube runs on GCODE (the language of computer controlled machines like lasercutters, 3D printers, plotters, CNC routers and FOAMCUBE). Because Foamcube’s gcode-controller was programmed and built from the ground up it is perfectly tuned for 5-axis hotwire control, but it can just as easily switch to hundreds of thousands of “2-dimensional” gcode files that you may find all over the internet. Naturally Foamcube also works on virtually all gcode created with the dozens of freely available or commercial toolpath generators.