How to cut a Twine in foam


intertwined 3D wordplay

One of our customers  sells nice intricate hangers through their online webshop and needed a large twine demo piece for their upcoming business event.

A twine in this case is a mix of 2 different names cut at a 90 degree angle so both names intersect and create a 3 dimensional shape.

A few pictures say more than a 1000 words so take a look below to see what we mean :


Using the foamcube @ Fablab013 we loaded the part of the twine that reads ELLEN and started cutting it out of a block of EPS-300 styrofoam. (EPS-300 is very dense and tough).

After the ELLEN twine was done we rotated the block by 90 degrees and loaded the twine JORIS. Both twines were simple .DXF outline vector files (tip: use the free and open-source program inkscape to draw your own).

After both sides were cut we took a good 10 minutes to wiggle the shapes out of the block carefully. The result was a twine measuring 800 x 170 x 170 mm. that now functions as a large demo piece to show potential buyers what their jewelry may look like .