When you first hook up your arduino-based 5-axis foamcube controller, you may want to adjust some settings like steps-per-millimeter , 3 or 5 axis mode and other choices for first time use. Adjustments are easy ; the controller can be calibrated or programmed in a couple of different ways :

Adjust settings through the LCD display

Most of the basic settings can be adjusted using the rotary encoder knob on your controller. Simply push the controller button , turn to the correct menu-option and press the button again. While this option is fine for basic settings you can also use our direct programming mode for more finesse and control

Adjust settings through a serial monitor

While your controller has an LCD screen, it also communicates through a computer screen with help of a so-called “serial monitor” . While on the serial monitor enter command (type on your keyboard) “M100” and hit enter. This shows you a help screen and explains all your direct programming options. People that have used GRBL and similar controllers may be familiar with this way of programming.

Things you can programm directly :

  • 3 or 5 axis mode
  • default speed setting
  • X-axis steps per unit (millimeters , degrees , apples , parsecs or whatever you prefer )
  • Y-axis steps p/u
  • U-axis steps p/u
  • V-axis steps p/u
  • A-axis steps p/u (on foamcube usually the rotation platform / steps per degree)

Typical direct progamming is done using a combination of a programming code and a value. For instance , to change the steps per mm. on the X-axis (code “$101” ) to 160 steps we enter :  $101 *160

Values are set in whole numbers preceeded by a star symbol ‘*’ .

****** SET UP MENU ******************
to change variables : type ‘$’ and a number, then SPACE then followed by ‘*’ and number”

$100 set steps per mm for the x-axis e.g. $100 *160 || Integers 1-255 only
$101 set steps per mm for the y-axis e.g. $100 *160 || Integers 1-255 only
$102 set steps per mm for the u-axis e.g. $100 *160 || Integers 1-255 only
$103 set steps per mm for the v-axis e.g. $100 *160 || Integers 1-255 only
$104 set steps per mm for the a-axis e.g. $100 *160 || Integers 1-255 only

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