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avatar_80pxIn order to get you foam-stylin’ as quickly as possible we have created this short reminder for you. If you have not yet read the full manual , taken a foamcube class or workshop, this manual is not for you !


Make sure the controller is turned OFF ! Move the axis by hand to set your wire to a suitable starting position.

Start CNC USB on the computer and turn on the foam cube controller with the red switch on the front panel.

IMG_20150208_152203 (1)

Use the manual Jog functions in CNC USB to manually fine-tune all axis to a suitable Zero-point if needed (usually in the left bottoms of the cube)

use jogs to go to ZERO
use jogs to go to ZERO

Load your foam-cube with suitable material and reset all axis-coordinates to ZERO (click dots in front of coordinates)

reset coordinates
reset coordinates

Import your work (DXF recommended)

if your work does not display in the grid starting at 0 : 0 go to the menu and select Program > Shift > Extends to zero /332

Check speed settings for “OVRD” (max 350 – change and hit ENTER)

hit “Start” ( triangle icon in top menu)

start cutting
start cutting


When creating .dxf files make sure to align your work to the bottom left corner of your page (e.g. in INKSCAPE), this way your work will already show up in the correct place in USB CNC

When corners are being cut in a rounded off fashion your speed is too high, the room temperature is low, or your material is very dense. Temporarily adjust the maximum speed by lowering the override (OVRD:)

Perform a dry run or simulation in the software first so you can see where the actual starting points are. It may prevent you from cutting up your work due to ‘shortest path to starting point’ lines.

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