4-axis CNC Foamcube + controller

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Order your 4-axes Foamcutter now ! Everything is included to get you on your way. All Foamcubes are custom built and allow you to create large 3D shapes in minutes.

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Product Description

As of January 1st 2017 we are rolling out our all new and improved V4.0 (White) foam cube. This model implements all the changes and improvements collected over 3 years of work and development. Parts come 85% pre-assembled for quick and easy assembly.

Using the selection boxes on the order form you can now order your cube just the way you want it.

Your base Foamcube kit comes complete with everything you need. The DIY Kit can be delivered 85% pre-built (optional). Upon arrival it still needs some assembly to complete the cube. Assembly is easy and takes between 1 and 10 hours depending on which kit you choose.

  • all aluminium lightweight and strong aircraft-grade aluminium frame
  • Fiberglass reinforced connectors for vibration free ridged construction
  • 4 powerful NEMA-17 stepper motors
  • 2 pre-built vertical linear guide rails
  • NiCr hot-wire or RENE-41 super alloy
  • All wiring ‘click-n-play’ .. no soldering needed
  • stainless steel laser-cut precision parts
  • extremely fine resolution up to 0,01 mm. / 0,0004 inches

Order your cube with our universal 5-axis CNC controller now ! It features :

  • open source arduino / ramps 1.4 architecture
  • state-of-the-art software specially written for Foamcube
  • heavy duty high amperage power pack with automatic protection
  • integrated current limiting stepper drivers with overheat protection
  • integrated hotwire voltage & amperage displayarduino-ramps-1920px
  • adjustable wire temperature console
  • in-wire JST style connectors for easy hookup in seconds
  • USB control
  • 110v / 220v automatic sensing input power
  • Stand-alone running from SD card – no computers needed
  • Direct streaming through serial monitor so you can use any free streaming software
  • works with Windows, MAC, Linux
  • Fully wired , programmed and tested prior to shipping

the small print :

worldwide shipping : Your foamcube comes in a large pack consisting of 2 boxes measuring 100 x 30 x 15 cm. It weighs approx. 15 Kg. depending on your model. All units are shipped with renowned international carriers.

Delivery times : Turnaround times vary by selected package between 3 days and approx. 6 weeks. All systems are built to order in-house and are prepared in the order of payment. Sorry, no skipping lines.

diy-kit : All Foamcubes are shipped as a kit. The DIY kit has all the parts loose and will require the most effort to put together. An average person with a bit of a technical inclination will need approx. 8-10 hours to put the cube together.

85% pre-built : All Foamcubes are shipped as a kit but with the pre-built option we have assembled approx. 85% of all the parts for you. A novice can assemble the rest of this kit in approx. 1-2 hours.

Controller : Regardless of which kit you choose (DIY | 85% prebuilt) all electronics and controls are delivered pre-built and pre-tested. You only have to hook up the stepper motor wires and 2 leads for the hotwire. Controllers do not have a plug included because worldwide there are approx. 16 different styles of power plugs. A simple computer-style plug will fit the standard C-13 socket on the controller.

Additional Information

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 110 x 110 x 110 cm
Cube Size

50 x 50 x 50 cm., 50x100x50 cm., 100x100x50 cm., 100x100x100 cm.

Controller Type

none – I’ll use my own, ARDUINO / ramps PREBUILT cube, USB CNC, USB CNC + softwarelicense, Mach-3 parallel

Pre Built ?

No, I want the DIY kit, Yes, prebuild 85% and test controller

3 reviews for 4-axis CNC Foamcube + controller

  1. hazmana00@walla.com
    5 out of 5


    I am interested in 100-100-100 cnc foam machine is it heavy duty and if i have problem how could you help me I live in Israel

  2. me.enterprisess@gmail.com
    4 out of 5


    how do in assamble the kit is there any manual step by step,
    also if i have problem how can i get help i live in india
    also what is the exact cost to ship to india at door step

  3. dj@nel.do
    5 out of 5


    we rceived our foamcutter last week and are very happy with it so far. we are still discovering new tricks and things to make and we learned you can also cut dense foam with it but we cannot find a good supplier here in the u.k. so we were wondering if maybe you had any tips as to how to go about finding the denser modeling foam ?

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