5 axis cnc controller arduino

5 axis CNC hotwire foamcutter controller arduino

€ 695,00

This universal arduino powered CNC controller with built-in GCODE interpreter can control 5 axis independently and simultaneously. Run stand-alone directly from SD card, or stream gcode directly from any gcode-streamer , serial window or internet browser. Also has built in digital hotwire control

Product Description

Full 5 axis CNC controller based on open source arduino technology ; They said it could not be done ! Yet , here it is …..

This universal controller was developed from the ground up to control a 5 axis foamcutter but can easily be switched to 2, 3 and 4 axis mode for any flavor of foamcutting or general purpose CNC machine.  Because every line of code was built with 5 axes control in mind the controller is highly optimized to run complex machines with extreme precision.

  • Run .gcode straight off of SD-card, no computer needed
  • built from extremely tough laser-cut HDPE to last a lifetime
  • open source hardware architecture like arduino and ramps 1.4
  • simultaniously control 5 independent stepper motors
  • run each axis in a choice of rotation axis / platform or linear movement
  • 100 line buffering built-in for fast and jitter-free cutting
  • rotaty encoder / pushbutton control for easy menu-settings
  • on-the-fly independent temperature control – adjust any time

Simply feed 2, 3, 4 or 5 axis flavored .gcode into the controller to instantly turn them into precision concerted movements.

Each controller is pre-tested and pre-programmed for your convenience.

To make the most out of your controller :

  1. axes are called X , Y , U , V , A – set your processor accordingly
  2. set all .gcode to line segments – no I,J Arcs support
  3. all .gcode is assumed to be in millimeters / absolute coordinates



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