5-axis universal foam cutter controllerARDUINO CONTROL

5-axis CNC Foamcube + controller

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full 5-axes of freedom to create complex shapes with ease using our All-in-one Foam cutter

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Product Description

5 axes of freedom

Our 5-axis system combines all the features of our award-winning 4-axis foamcube with an autonomous computer-controlled rotation platform to give you unparalleled access to¬†machines that normally run Eur. 100.000,- and up. the 5-axes Foamcube can run in various modes and can be controlled using industry-standard .gcode files, .tap files .nc files and many more. Learn more here ….

different operating modes – all included.

  • X-Y mode : Left and right towers run simultanious and parallel while the rotation platform functions as material holder. Great for quick 2D shapes like : logo’s , texts, numbers, wall panels and hundreds of other shapes. Cut up to 90 cm. thick material in one pass.


  • X-Y / U-V mode : left and right towers run independent and can create complex 3D tapered shapes like airplane wings, tapered colums and countless other shapes up to 900 x 900 x 880 mm. in size.


  • X-Y-A & X-Y-U-V-A mode : independent left and right towers combined with a rotation platform can create twisted & tapered ¬†objects, automatic “cut & twist” or unlimited “twist-cut-twist” shapes.

Free access to our online gcode builder

Turn any line or vector into 3-Dimensional shapes using our easy and free online gcode converter. Insert a circle -> cut a sphere, insert a triangle -> cut a cone, insert the outline of a chesspiece, vase, column, candleholder, or any other simple 2d outline and instantly convert it to a full-size 3D product. Just click the image below for a quick preview.



Full featured universal foam cutter controller included

Our 5-axes computer controller features a 4-axis USB CNC board, integrated hotwire control & an arduino controlled programmable 5th rotation axis that work together seamlessly and with unparallelled precision of up to 28.800 steps per revolution. The hotwire controller is suited for a multitude of hotwire materials, diameters and shapes. Anything from Nickel Chromium 0,2 mm. all the way up to 1 mm. and from Kanthal to RENE-41 special alloy wires will work without a hitch.


This machine is delivered as a DIY Kit and is approx. 85% pre-built. All electronics are fully pre-built & tested prior to shipping. Assembly will take between 1 and 8 hours depending on your skill-set. No soldering required. All electric connections plug & play.

estimated lead-time : 6-7 weeks


Additional Information

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 100 x 50 x 50 cm
Controller Type

None, I’ll use my own, CNC USB controller, Mach-3 parallel