Due to overwhelming orders and requests per e-mail, whats-app & phone we decided to concentrate all our Q & A’s in a new forum starting June 2017. Have a question ? Please post in the forum !

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Foamcube general forumLast post
foamcube controller - CNC USBdiscussions about the CNC USB all-in-one software/hardware solution
1 Topic3 Posts
foamcube controller - ArduinoFoamcutter controllers that run on open source arduino power
2 Topics2 Posts
Foamcube - the cubediscussions about the hardware side of Foamcube
2 Topics4 Posts
Foamcutter softwaregeneral discussions about software for foamcutters
1 Topic1 Post
LinuxcncBy thesaint444412 months ago
Foamcube timelinesdiscussing changes in different versions
1 Topic3 Posts
5 axes CNC foamcutterrotational axis combined with a 4-axes foamcutter
3 Topics4 Posts
Building your own FoamcubeLast post
Creating your own foamcube with a bit of inspiration from usdiscussions about various DIY foamcube models and contraptions that you came up with
1 Topic1 Post
Assembling our official Foamcube DIY Kitdiscussing the DIY Kit and how to assemble things
0 Topics0 Posts
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