Foamcube final assembly

When you reach this step your Foamcube build is almost done. Congratulations ! All that is left now is to mount the GT-2 belts , connect 2 powerleads to the vertical rails, and tidy up the wiring.

You may have seen the gt-2 belts already in the previous pictures. It’s the black ribbed belt that pulls your carriages along. Before you start you should now that on a standard (100x100x100) cube, the horizontal belts are longer than the vertical belts. A typical DIY Kit will have one spool of gt-2 belt that is 10 meters long, and a shorter spool approx. 4 meters long.

You can cut 4 horizontal belts out of the 10 meter spool

you can cut 2 vertical belts out of the shorter spool.

think twice – cut once ! If you cut in the wrong order you will end up short !

All gt-2 belts are strapped on by folding the belt in on itself (teeth hook together) and wrapping a zip-tie around it.

When tying the belt to the adjustable clips, make sure you first loop the belt through the clip before you fix it with a zip-tie.

Loop the horizontal belts around the 40-teeth pulley and the belt-guide on the other side of the cube. Then secure them to the horizontal gliders. (4x). To put some tension on the belt simply squeeze the tensioner-clip and tighten the 2 M3x5 screws.

note : GT-2 belts do not have to be very tense ! Too much tension will put too much force on your foamcube parts and will affect precision.

the vertical belts (2x) simply wrap around the 2 bolts that you screw in to the vertical gliders.


To send power to your hotwire we connect an electric lead to each of the vertical rails. It is enough to simply screw a bolt through the rails and tighten your wire to it. Current will flow through the rails, through the bearings and into your hotwire.

note the red wire and blue connector in the image below.

tip : Cable tracks are only mounted on pre-built machines. The DIY Kits do not include cable-tracks. Simply use the included zip-tie straps to secure your wiring to the cube.

You are free to run the wiring any way you like. There are more ways than one to do it neat and tidy. Things also depend a bit on which controller you use, and where you place it. In the end you should have 4x a 4-wire lead from each stepper motor, and 2x a power lead from each side of your hotwire.

tip : Your kit comes with 2 extra extension wires. Use them to extend the leads on the moving motors attached to the vertical rails.

Final step – mounting your hotwire

The hotwire is delicate. Take your time to unwind it and make sure there are no kinks in your wire, they’ll be hard to remove. First loop the end of your hotwire to one of the horizontal gliders, then pull it taunt and cut it to length (you should have enough in your kit for 2 wires). Wrap the other end around the spring and pull the spring out to fix it to the other vertical glider plate. That’s all ……

tip : Bend the clips on your vertical gliders so your hotwire and spring don’t slip off !

Your cube should now be finished and ready for hookup to the controller. Controllers and electric circuits are not part of this manual as the controllers are never sent as a kit and are not open source. You can use your own controller or use the one provided by the Foamcube team. If you use one of our controllers, hookup is as simple as connecting the 4 motor plugs and 2 power leads to the terminals on controller.

If you have further questions, please use our FORUM to discuss any problems , tips , or to show off your own project. We’d love to see what you made !


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