Step 4. Assembly of the clips and holders

After your vertical rails are completely assembled and mounted it is time to mount some clips and holders. Foamcube clips are made out of lasercut stainless steel. Your build-kit may include flat strips that still need to be folded.

A typical cube setup has 2 motor holder clips , 4 clips to hold the power rods and 4 clips to hold the bearings that guide the gt2 belts.


All clips are to be shaped in a similar fashion. They wrap around the foamcube frame and are tightened with a bolt and a nut to fix them in place.

motor holder clips (2x)


power rod holder clips (4x)


bearing holder clips for gt2 belts (4x)


Don’t try to bend the clips by hand. Use a pair of pliers


The bearing holder clip needs some additional assembly so the gt2 belts can run smoothly around the cube frame.

note that the picture shows flat washers. Newer model Cubes may have spring washers instead (washer that is cut and springy)

We need 4 of these clips. Take a look at the picture below for orientation and order of parts.



Motor holder clips sit at the bottom of the cube on the opposite side of the clip with the bearings, and underneath the 2 power rod clips.


the 4 power rod holders hold the 5 mm. stainless steel rods that convey power from the motors to the belts. Place 2 holders on each rod.


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