Step 3 : Assembly of the vertical linear guides


The vertical guides connect to the carriages that you just created and placed onto the guide rails. But before we mount them onto the carriages we will first assemble the vertical guides. We will also refer to these guides as the “Y-axis” and the “V-axis”.

note: as of Foamcube V4.1 all gliders are 1 mm. lasercut stainless steel.


We will first mount the gt-2 belt roller on the top of the Y and V axes. Start with an M3x35mm bolt and 4 washers and tighten them with a lock-nut.



Next mount 2 flange bearings with a small washer in between and tighten them with another lock-nut


When the lock-nut is tightened check to see if the rollers run smoothly. Later on your gt-2 belts will run along these rollers.


The set-up can slide up and down in the slotted hole. This allows you to tension the gt-2 belts later if they get slack.

If you already have the gliders with the 4 roller-bearings ready, now would be a good time to slide it onto the rails (before you mount the stepper motor). Please take note of the glider orientation.

We’ll now mount the stepper motor onto the bottom of the guides. First connect the stepper motor onto the rail using 2 washers and 2 bolts, as shown in the pictures below. After the motor is mounted you can mount the gt2 20-tooth pulley.

When the motor is mounted correctly it can move along the rail a bit when bolts are loosened. Later on we will use this feature to keep tension on the gt-2 belts.

linear guide
linear guide

Now please take a moment to note the orientation of the bolts, nuts and bearings on the glider plate in the image above and below. It is very important that they are in the exact same order as on the image otherwise they will bind later on when the machine is put together.

go to step 4 —> CLIPS AND HOLDERS

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