Step 2 : Assembly of the Gliders and carriages

Now that your Foamcube base-frame is completed it is time to assemble the linear carriages that will move the vertical rails and the hotwire front to back and up and down. While assembly is not difficult it is important to pay special attention to the orientation of certain bolts and bearings to prevent blockages later on.

Tools needed :

* spanner/ring wrench

* 2 mm. hex driver – hexagonal head


You will be constructing a total 0f 6 carriages. 4 carriages are designed for horizontal movement, and 2 carriages are designed for vertical movement. When you first start out all 6 parts are identical and universal.

We will first create the 4 horizontal carriages. The parts below will form 1 carriage. Take note of the orientation of the bolts in the following images. In Total we will create 2 left-hand horizontal sliders, 2 right-hand horizontal sliders, 1 left-hand vertical slider and 1 right-hand vertical slider.

Please note that certain parts in your kit may look different in color or may be of a different material. The principle remains the same throughout. As of V4.2 all parts are made from lasercut stainless steel.

Horizontal sliders


Using the bolts, spring-ring, v-groove bearings and locknuts tighten a roller bearing in each corner of the carriage. Please note the order of things. The locknut is on the same side as the v-groove bearing.


Back of the horizontal slider. Pay special attention to the order of things.

Front of the horizontal carriage.  The belt tensioner should slide left<>right with ease and easily tightened.

Create 4 carriages like this (2 left , 2 right models) and slide them onto the guide-rail attached to your baseframe.

Horizontal gliders

Note that the horizontal gliders are put together in different order. Py close attention the the images below to spot the differences in the order of the bolts, washers and nuts. If you mount the bolts or bearings in the wrong order your carriage or glider will hit or bind later on.

now create 1 left-handed and 1 right-handed vertical carriage. These will hold your hotwire later on.


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