part 5. Belts and carriages

At this point in the build process you should have a fully built Foamcube frame with guide rails attached. All your clips should be shaped and mounted and you have 2 stepper motors with drive-rods attached to them.

Next we will attach the horizontal sliding carriages and subsequently mount the vertical rails to them.


attach a lenght of gt-2 ribbed belt to the carriage using the small tie-wraps. When folding over the gt-2 belt make sure the ribbed parts face each other and grab eachother when the tie-wraps are tightened.


Slide the v-grooved bearings of the carriage over the guide rails. Now wrap the gt-2 belt around the entire frame. It is guided by the small bearings on one side, and a 40 tooth gt-2 pulley on the other side.

The belt tension should be firm but not extremely tight. You can adjust the tension by sliding the stainless steel belt-bracket and re-tightening it to the carriage.


repeat this process 4 times so all horizontal guides have a smooth running carriage.

go to step 6 – finishing touches

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