With Foamcube's gcode builder you can convert 2D gcode to 3D gcode on-the-fly. Turn cirkels into balls, triangles into cones, or wiggly lines into chesspieces.

Original gcode

Filename :
Select a file from your computer (.GCO .TXT .GCODE .TAP .NC) !

rotation angle
We will cut your shape, rotate at set angle and cut again.
How many degrees shall we rotate between cuts ?
degrees (decimals ok)
how many cuts ?
How many times shall we "cut & rotate" ?
ping-pong reverse direction ?
Shall we cut the shape forward, turn , cut reverse, turn , forward etc.
(if not checked we cut forward, turn , cut forward , turn etc.)
-- direction of rotation is NOT affected by this option --
pingpong mode ?
Pause after rotation trigger
if you want to pause after each angle turn : enter amount in seconds

download gcode

Below you can find the manipulated .GCODE file. It is optimised for use by a Foamcube cnc foamcutter. Simply copy & paste the text or download it to a file.