Controlling 5 independent axis using the standard Arduino platform has proven elusive for many years, but no more …. ! Now, the team behind Foamcube has developed a true 5-axes CNC controller running on an Arduino Mega.  All code was developed in-house and written from the ground up !

Features of the arduino controller :

  • good for linear and rotational axes
  • all steps fired through interrupt service routines
  • built-in gcode interpreter
  • built-in speed control
  • built-in PWM hotwire temperature control
  • Runs stand-alone from SD card – no need for a computer !
  • Runs through standard Serial Monitor
  • Runs through many free third party gcode senders
  • Processes a wide range of standardised .gcode
  • will run with any stepper motor type up to 2.5 Amps per channel

Hex files for Beta-testing are now available upon request.